Original Art Scarf Pendant & Scarf - Dominant Colour is Yellow
A Beautiful Original Art Pendant & Scarf
This is a stunning art jewellery & accessory piece.
An open ended scarf with a removable filigree bail & original art pendant this pendant bail can be worn with any other scarf of your preference.
This particular scarf pendant would look amazing worn on a yellow or a green scarf too, allowing you to accessorise many outfits with the same art scarf pendant!
This pashmina scarf is warm & is big eniough to be worn as a shawl around the soulders, as well as the delightful scarf.
This item makes a very elegant gift & a unique present.
Perfect for weddings, party, special occasions and even for work.
Great for dressing up any outfit , a little denim jacket or brightening a Winter coat - a real all rounder and great for all the women in your life. Wife, Sister, Mum, Aunt, Daughter, Niece, Girlfriend, Partner, collegue, work mate, manager etc.
All of my original art jewellery pieces are unique and no single piece will ever be created the same - you will own the only one of it's kind, just like your finger print!
This original piece of art is set behind a glass topper & set on top of a stainless steel base.

Original Art Pendant Bail & Scarf Set - Turquoise Blue Mix


    Original Art Piece

    Size: 60mm x 35mm 

    Tone: Silver

    Pendant Base: Plated Brass



    Size - 94cm x 174cm

    Made of a lightly woven, soft to touch 100% polyester.