Original Art Piece - Mounted


Size -

Without Frame: 6 x 6 inches

With Frame - 7 x 7 inches


How its made: 


The silhouettes are cut in to the mount with the art piece placed behind so that the mount overlays the individual piece of art. The next stage is to seal off the mount.


Using shades of greens, purples & reflective metallic gold this art piece has been inspired by my love of the desert, its animals, its people and my love of colour.


All of my art pieces are originals, no prints here!

All are unique, one off pieces so no one piece will ever be the same.


All items are very well packaged for posting with bubble wrap to protect the glass,  brown paper wrap and a sturdy outer box for posting.


Original Art Piece - Camel 6 x 6 inch - Desert Animal, Ship Of The Desert

  • Original Art Piece

    Mount: Camel

    Frame: White Box Frame